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HomePro proudly serves the Atlanta and surrounding areas. In addition to offering the industry's best-riding, most-space-saving stairlifts, HomePro has 0% financing available to provide customers with a low monthly payment if needed. We are proud to serve all our Atlanta customers!

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#1 Stairlift Company in Atlanta, GA

Locally owned and operated, HomePro is the #1 Stairlift Company in Atlanta, GA. Whether you are in need of a Straight Stairlift, Curved Stairlift, or Outside Stairlift - we have a solution for you! We want you to MOVE UP and NOT OUT of your home! We are proud to install "The World's Smoothest & Compact Stair Lifts". 

Curved Stair Lifts

If you are someone with a complex and winding staircase in your home, we have solutions for you! At HomePro, we offer specialized curved stair lifts. These products are perfect for those staircases that might have a few more obstacles than a traditional staircase. Curves, landings, and sharp turns can be difficult to maneuver without proper assistance.

That is why we offer custom curved stair lifts for you and your home. Our curved stair lifts can help you navigate even the trickiest staircases in your home. Our team will examine your staircase to help you find the perfect model and installation plan.

Nautilus Grease Free Design.jpeg

Never Needs Grease!

The energy-efficient patented worm drive requires no greases or lubricants


Designed for Safety!

Safety sensors on chassis and footrest stop the lift instantly at obstacles.


Compact Design!

Our designs fold to 10.5 and 11 inches, making them the narrowest Stair Lifts on the market.