Why You Need Gutters

What are gutters?

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Gutters are a crucial component to anyone's home. They help channel water collection and control water distribution.

Gutters that work correctly should prevent water from flowing off of the roof, over the gutter, and/or into the ground directly.


Let's take a look at the different parts of the gutter system, and how they play a huge part in protecting your home.


A. The Gutter:

This is where the water flows. Water should move through the downspout from the gutters

B. Fascia Board:

This protects the roof and the inside of your home, making sure that no moisture enters in.



C. Soffit:

This helps also helps protect the inside of your home, preventing moisture from entering inside.

D. Downspout:

This helps channel the water flow away from your home, keeping your foundation dry.


Without gutters, your home may experience the following:

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Without gutters, your home can run into a great deal of problems. From Fascia rot, to foundational issues, without gutters your home can run into some costly and dangerous issues.